cory-nikkel-author-speakerHi! I’m Cory, a voice for the Christian Millennial generation, stirring hearts through written and spoken word.

In 2013, I published my eBook Why Christian Relationships Fail and How To Make Yours A Success, and my first published book, Rootless: Discovering Who You Are, Why Life’s A Mess, and If Jesus Matters To You At All, is in the proposal process.

On stage, I release my passion for going deeper in faith, life, and love to youth groups, young adult conferences, and college campuses. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside performers like Jefferson Bethke (best-selling author of Jesus > Religion), The Digital Age, All Sons and Daughters and The Skit Guys.

Why I Do What I Do:

I believe you can go deeper.

Every day offers a chance to grow, every moment an opportunity to examine…but often we miss them. By taking a closer look through the lens of my writings and videos, you can strengthen your faith, understand confusing life moments, and empower struggles to secure a deep foundation that is unshakable and one others will want to lean on.

I believe you can impact a generation.

The church claims Millennials are a lost hope, I say we are a diamond in the rough—and you are part of the future story. By going deeper, you can find the perfect way to not only change your life, but the lives of those around you. You can equip yourself with the tools to be a voice and leader of this generation and to help it shine and become valuable for the generations to come.

I believe you can change the world.

Yes, you! By going deeper, by living authentically within your generation, by discovering your unique gifts, talents, and sphere of influence, you will change the world. I’m changing the world right now and believe you can too. One moment, one person, one town, one state, one country at a time, your impact can flood worldwide—you just have to find out how you can do it—and that’s why I’m here.


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I grew up in Pella, Iowa, home of the Dutch Reformed Church. Raised in this traditional Christian environment, my heart longed for something deeper. When I turned 18 I realized I knew the churchy answers about Jesus, but didn’t have a personal relationship with him—so I went looking for one. This led me to examine numerous doctrines and denominations, but left me puzzled for who Jesus was to me.

In a long process of recruitment for playing football in college, I felt God calling me to stay in Pella and attend Central College because “there was more work to be done in this city.” So I stayed, played football, majored in English and Secondary Education, worked with Campus Ministries, and wrestled with my faith, identity, and purpose.

I messed up a lot. I found myself battling perfection and pride, giving in to college temptations, even rejecting my faith for a time. God called me out and I ended up dropping out of college my Junior year to work with YWAM in Australia for a semester. This revolutionized my life and launched me into my passions for writing, speaking, and helping others grow deeper into Jesus.

Since 2012, I have brought my energetic passion for going deeper to stages from Dutch Reformed churches to Millennial conferences and to college campuses like Dordt (IA), Spring Arbor (MI), Southwest Baptist (MO) and more. Alongside this passion, I have worked as a high school English teacher and coach, Bible and Science middle school teacher, worked with Vital Men’s Ministry, and started a non-profit organization called HeartStir Ministries whose goal is to place Millennials into mission all over the world while awakening their identity, passion, and purpose.

In my down time I enjoy creating whimsical moments with my wife Courtney and dog Loki, traveling (23 countries and 6 continents so far), being athletically competitive (I’m washed up let’s be honest), pulling pranks on friends and coworkers (The Office inspired me), and Jesus chats over steaming coffee (white chocolate mocha actually).

Thanks for getting to know me and my story—can I get to know you? Connect with me below and say hello!