Thanks for stopping by my Speaking page. Right now you may be contemplating whether you want me to speak for you—so I thought I’d give you a little more information for how I can help you have the best event ever.

At 28 years old, I understand the transitions and battles Millennials are going through because I’m one of them…and I’m a bonafide screw-up with a wealth of wisdom who wants to share it with you in a genuine and vulnerable way. I’ve been speaking for 5 years in a variety of settings, and have shared the stage with great acts like Jefferson Bethke and The Skit Guys, and bands like The Digital Age and All Sons and Daughters.

What the speaking world is missing today is a relevant voice from within the Millennial generation to speak about Millennial issues to Millennials. Teenagers, college students and young adults need energy on stage to engage their hearts, need someone who can relate to their Millennial lifestyle and issues, AND offers them a Scripture-driven, heart-stirring, soul-grabbing challenge so they don’t leave unchanged. THAT’S what I do on stage.

I also invite my audience to journey with me after I leave the stage by joining me for Free Coffee, reading and conversing over one of my Free eBooks, or going on a mission trip I lead to Tanzania every year. The stage isn’t the platform, making disciples is, and I want to make a lifelong difference, not be a 30 minute show.

I hope this little snippet has helped you to get to know me, why I speak, and how I could help you have the best event yet. To read more details on what I can offer you and speaking topics I like to cover read below. To see a demo video of me live check out the video on the side. To book me now, click here.

Thanks for stopping by and I’m looking forward to working with you!

My Commitment To You:

Select me as a speaker and I’ll give you 100% of my effort. Your goals are my goals, when you win, I win—it’s that simple.

I’m not a “come-and-go” speaker, I want to create a relationship with you and your audience that continues to work together to change this generation.

What you can expect:

  • Fast, professional replies to your phone calls and messages
  • A heart-stirring, soul-grabbing performance that achieves the outcomes you want with your audience.
  • Digital media access for you to use for promoting your event
  • Promotion of your event on my blog and social media channels.
  • Easy to work with, fun to have
  • A quick follow-up communication to make sure I met your expectations and see how I can improve for the future




Photo Credit: Maarten ter Keurs

The Secret In Your Struggles

We often view struggle and pain as a negative force in our life, dismissing it as quickly as possible, but every struggle holds a secret that few have discovered and when they do, changes the way they look at the world and approach the future. Rooted within 1 Peter 1:6–9 and Romans 5:3–5, this message starts with a hilarious story, incorporates secular Top 40 hits, and has the crowd singing “hallelujah” in the end.

Keywords: failure, struggle, pain, overcomer, letting go, praise



Photo Credit: Bruce Fryxell

Love Like That

Love looks scary when you have to exit your comfort zone, but Jesus’ command is to break the status quo of how love works—we all know love but aren’t very good at being love and it’s time that changed. Centering around wild stories from my life where I’ve stepped out in love, this message pulls deep wisdom from Jesus’ washing of his disciples feet in John 13. By the end, there are more smiles and hugs than you’ve ever seen before.

Keywords: love, friendship, whimsy, sacrifice, adventure, risk



Photo Credit: Mami__H

Why Christian Relationships Fail

The common root of every problem is relationships, whether it be with a significant other, friend, coworker, or your parents, relationships are the reason there is so much pain in the world, and yet, they are life’s most powerful tool when we get them right. Risking a vulnerable heart, I reveal personal stories of relationship failures and wear my sins on my sleeve, guiding the audience to the potential God instills in our hearts to use relationship for his glory.

Keywords: relationships, heartbreak, vulnerable, hope, love, potential



Photo Credit: Denis Vrublevski

What Just Happened?

There is no manual on how to live life and although we think we know what’s going to happen we always find ourselves groveling in some mess we’ve made and asking, “What just happened?” Framed around the transitions from high school to college to young adulthood, I dissect the major struggle areas every Millennial faces and how to be prepared for when those transitions come so you don’t get lost along the way. 

Keywords: transition, lost, identity, Lordship, life plan, awareness



Photo Credit: martadinata171

You Pick

I enjoy creating material to fit themes and scripture verses that you are using. You pick the topic, Scripture, tagline, anything you want covered and I’ll create the material to fit it and ensure your audience and program have the best experience possible.