Photo Credit: Patricia Snook, Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Patricia Snook, Creative Commons

There seems to be a cataclysmic cliff hindering the process of emotional recovery. We’re all wounded individuals, encountering and suffering under the writhing of this world–the attacks that come from no where, wounding our hearts, destroying our lives. Because of this battle we find ourselves stuck, squirming in the quicksand of indecision–how do we fix the problem?

Emotions rule our lives.

A simple sway of attitude can change an entire outlook on a day. Happiness promotes smiles while sadness endures frowns, but daily events influence each. Ice cream falling from a cone in the hand of a four year-old results in wild blubbering, a break-up in a relationship leaves an individual numb, and losing a loved one brings about endless tears. 

The moment negative emotions are encountered a void forms itself, separating you from positivity, health, and new life. 

To overcome this void there needs to be a “fix.” For the four year-old it is as simple as buying a new cone or consolation from a loved one. In the midst of a break-up or loss this emotional void is much harder to cross. The only way to cross it is to fill it. 

The world wants you to fill it with wild living, non-typical choices, and spontaneity that separates you from your morals. And unfortunately, this is often the route we take. When the void is filled with worldly activities, it works like a funnel and only cycles out, never to be filled. This results in more devastation and emotional heartache.

The only way to efficiently fill the void and be able to walk steadily over it is to choose God. Desperately cry out for love, throw your anxiety and worries at his feet, and stay true to his Word. God is a firm foundation, one that re-instills happiness, joy, and peace–items that become unavailable when emotional hardship is met.

How do you fill your void? Are you recycling through wayward emotions and life choices that leave you helplessly lying on the floor, or are falling at the feet of Jesus, who will lead you to peace and happiness? Relying on ourselves has only ever resulted in more destruction; choose the filler of your void wisely.

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